ETOLE ET CHAPKA is a Paris, French based company offering handcrafted Russian made fur accessories. Among our selection you will find chapkas (hats), stoles, jackets and pompons.

We source the finest sable, mink, silver fox, blue frost fox, raccoon and beaver pelts exclusively from Siberia. We pride ourselves on rigorous selection of the finest pelts, and on our exceptional know-how. These are the core values of ETOLE ET CHAPKA.

Our competitive advantage:

Our pelts are sourced exclusively from Siberia, which is world renowned for its unparalleled quality and exceptional variety of thick and lustrous smooth and rough coated furs. In addition, we manufacture our fur accessories exclusively in the heart of Russia, which ensures exceptional and consistent production quality. We are able to offer these incredible products at extremely attractive pricing because we manufacture near local farms and benefit from a very favorable ruble/euro exchange rate.

ETOLE ET CHAPKA guarantees the highest quality at a price 30% below that of our competitors.